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the aurora zone

Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish through an opening drilled through the ice of a frozen lake or river. As an activity it has a rich history based primarily on survival, and has long been essential as a source of hunting food in the dark winter months.

Traditionally, this is done by the Sámi people by leaving nets under the water but more popular these days is a small rod with the line being fed through the ice hole into the chilly waters below.

On the majority of our ice fishing trips you are usually taken out to a frozen lake, where the guide will show you how to drill a hole in the ice, using a manual hand drill. Then it is simply a case of waiting for the fish to bite! Species of fish in this part of the world include arctic char, grayling, the ubiquitous whitefish, perch and Atlantic salmon. Very often, if you pull out a decent fish, it can be cooked there and then on the lake or once you return to your accommodation – as fresh as fresh can be!

In Scandinavia, the joy of ice fishing is not just in catching supper – it is also an activity that allows for a great deal of personal reflection and relaxation whilst enjoying your remarkable surroundings.

What we say about it…
Ice fishing has often been the cause of great amusement with our guests due to the tiny size of the rods which have led many to feel rather hilariously like a garden gnome!

Laughter aside though, ice fishing is of course an enjoyable pursuit for those who give it a go. Drilling through several feet of ice is quite a task but leads to a great feeling of accomplishment once you reach the freezing water below. Should you then catch a fish with your tiny rod you are sure to be ecstatic to say the least. Don’t throw it back though, as it will be used for your supper – it is first and foremost a food gathering sport in Scandinavia!

If you are unlucky and don’t manage to pull something from the icy waters, ice fishing is still a wonderfully relaxing way to contemplate the silent wilderness of your surroundings and the striking snow-laden backdrop.

What you say about it…
“The most enjoyable was ice fishing because the sun was shining so the views were amazing and my husband caught a fish.” C Preston, Abisko, Feb 2013

“The ice fishing was also good fun. A lovely sleigh ride to reach the river and then the excellent guide helped us all to catch a number of fish (I'd never caught a fish in my life before- not through lack of trying!).” J Pinfield, Luosto, Feb 2013

“I'm not at all interested in regular fishing, but the ice fishing was ok thanks to the amazing scenery!” A Jewell, Luosto, March 2013

“It is difficult to say what was best as all of the activities showed us something different. The snowmobiles were exciting but the ice fishing was so peaceful!” M Thorley, Luosto, Feb 2013