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the aurora zone

See the Northern Lights and experience the best Nordic activities Sweden has to offer with The White Circle.

Wild and rugged, the dramatic and remote landscapes of Swedish Lapland are a traveller’s dream. Where else can you combine the original ICEHOTEL® with one of the best Aurora viewing spots in the world and some truly spectacular winter activities?

You don’t have to travel far from the mining town of Kiruna to discover a wild, beautiful and mountainous winter wilderness. Mother Nature was definitely having a very good day when she created Swedish Lapland. We mere humans haven’t done too badly up here either though and have contributed some amazing spectacles.

Only here will you find the world’s first and most famous ICEHOTEL®, a monument to snow and ice architecture and artistry. Further west, Abisko Mountain Lodge is situated right within the Auroral Zone, where largely cloud free skies make the area one of the best in the world for viewing the Northern Lights.

South from the ICEHOTEL® you’ll find activity, tradition and comfort in equal measure at the Forest Hotel where the riverside location creates yet another fine Aurora viewing point. This family run hotel is a new destination for us this year and we are very excited about the adventure we have created here; moose parks, the ICEHOTEL®, snowmobiling, husky safaris - the list goes on. For adventure and really wild skies, we can’t recommend our holidays in Sweden highly enough.